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Every single man or woman would like to have a special someone with whom they can share their good and bad times together. A serious online dating with a great woman or a man would be something memorable and exciting. However on the long run just a few romantic up beats would not work in a relationship although serious online ( ออนไลน์ ) dating with a special someone is exciting it is important to check and confirm if the compatibility works best between the two of you. The compatibility will reveal whether the couple would be stead fast in their relationship in the long run. Often times it is true that when a single man/woman is dating someone following the online ( ออนไลน์ ) dating thai and if that someone is very attractive some important facts are just not given due consideration and it is even been over looked.

Most of us want to make a relationship with someone work and so we even go to the extent of overlooking important things and these important things are not merely facts but questions which every single man/woman must find compatible with the special someone with whom the serious online ( ออนไลน์ ) dating is done for a long time.

The first one is to ask oneself if they both know for sure they both could adjust and live despite of the differences in their opinions about things like children, job issues and also life style.

The better or the brighter side of a person is given huge consideration before marriage and when it comes to the post marriage period many couples face disappointments. Ultimately they seek divorce and if only these people had given priority to the results of a short compatibility test before their marriage they could have avoided frustrations, disappointments, wastage of time, money as well as emotions. There is an old saying "Prevention is better than cure" and this applies not only for diseases but it even applies to every relationship issues. In case both are compatible then the couple can step into marriage but found if not then it is wise to prevent a marriage and emotional frustrations between both.

Communication is a vital tool and the communication would itself let one know more about the other person. It is true that in today's economic crisis everyone's life style and spending habits are affected .In the case of ardent lovers one might not know if his/her lover would be the same person nodding yes, yes to all his/her opinions. Let us agree one basic point and that is “People change they do not remain same' and if that is the case then how come one could expect the same amount of courtship after marriage and indeed by the above statement I do not argue that every man/woman would change after marriage but yes there are many who do change and the point is to either be well prepared to handle such a change or it is wise not to commit oneself into marriage at all.

There are many online ( ออนไลน์ ) free tools which check the compatibility based upon one's birth dates and if one has no belief in astrology then it is wise that he/she before following the dating thai to date that special someone must wisely find out the results of compatibility match.

In case both of them have the same goals of their life and if one can adjust along with another in spite of differences then it is good to enter into marriage but if not found to lack that good compatible rate then they can carry on their lives as good friends.



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