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Dating a special guy and then committed to marry that guy with whom one enjoyed dating is all the sweet and enjoyable part of the life's circle. The real tick starts when this relationship faces hardships. The term hardships can either be a red carpet hardship wherein one cannot come out of the debt and in turn feels indebted to stick with the other person in a relationship or an emotional hardship wherein the true or the real self of the person is revealed and there seems to be a null romanticism or emotional drain .All these are the causes for a so called unhealthy mindset in persons who are committed to each other in a marriage life. This is when the emotionally or physically affected one starts to ask “I need a more regretful and fulfilling relationship." However when that kind of fulfillment is lacking the troubles step in one form or other. This is the point when the man, the husband lacks interest in his marriage and starts to look out for flirt y and wrongful deeds with any other woman whom he prefers and with whom he could gain some kind of sympathy. Now the trend has changed and gone are the days when woman confine their ideas and life within the four walls but now they also look out for extra married ( แต่งงาน ) affairs when they see or face turmoil in their present marriage.

This kind of acts on a close analysis will not improve the life of both any further and yes crisis comes at unexpected moments of life but when those situations are dealt with the right spirit and attitude then the result is sure to be more fruitful for both of them.

Every healthy relationship takes time to develop and it is not a quick built one. When one of the partners discovers the other person’s illegal affairs then it is not a time to use force as a lever to enforce his/her own ideas upon the other. This kind of act only worsens the situation. A suitable way to resolve this issue would be to pay more attention on the positive side of the partner. It is true that one cannot be able to do that when he/she has been betrayed the other but the right act would be to take a step back from life and recollect those happy moments when this same person was a genuine friend and well wisher .A valuable life can have its own ups and downs but it is solely the positive vibe in oneself which could change one’s attitude at crisis times and pave way for a better tomorrow in a person’s life. Online dating service has become popular these days. All you have to do is to open the websites, read the information about the person, call up and arrange a date for yourself.

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