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Many couples have to deal with the issue of jealousy and insecurity in their relationships. Take the case of my friend Marie. Marie fell in love with her boyfriend James during her first year in college. While he was her first love, James who was a couple of years her senior had a couple of serious affairs.

Once the initial high of dating had passed, Marie found herself feeling increasingly insecure and jealous. It didn’t help that James believed in keeping good relations with his ex-girlfriends since they were (and continued to be) good friends of his.

The situation worsened steadily as Marie started indulging her suspicions. She would call James up at all hours of the day and would through a fit each time he delayed even a little bit in picking up the phone. None of his explanations made any difference to her and in fact only served to make her more suspicious.

Their dates together were no longer pleasant for either of them since she would spend their time together analyzing his interactions with other women ( หญิง ) and call him out on supposedly ‘flirtatious’ behavior.

They broke up soon after and Marie was devastated by the situation. Luckily, the university had a good student support cell and she was able to find friend ( หาเพื่อน ) as a sympathetic counselor. With that lady’s help, Marie was able to revisit her dating behavior and saw exactly how unhealthy and unpleasant her own needy, invasive and overly controlling behavior had been. Luckily she was able to address her own deep-seated insecurities over time and ended up a much more confident and secure person.

Marie’s and James’ story thankfully had a happy ending since they re-connected a couple of years later and are now going steady. But many a times, such insecure behavior can prove the death of an otherwise perfect bond. If one or both partners are prone to such unhealthy behavior, it is important to talk things out with each other before it becomes too late. You can even consider consulting a therapist or relationship counselor about the issue.

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