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Many people think that they are inborn to flirt and they can get with any girl round the corner but sometimes they forget that girls can be very clever in their attitude and girl can give you a cold shoulder if they do not like you. In that case, you end up being a loser. To avoid such embarrassing situations just go through the article and bag some secret tips on how to be a perfect date and enjoy dating bangkok your mate.

The first thing is be your self. Do not pretend to be a nice and sober person when you are not that. Remember that girls like men who have individuality in them. Girls do not like men who are very submissive; they love to date or นัดเดท with someone who can excite them in both the sense. Remain what you are and project your best quality.

Girls also love mystery, so do not reveal everything about yourself on your first date. Let her keep guessing during the dating bangkok period, as that would excite her more and will arise her interest towards you day by day. However, do not carry this mystery game too far to avoid any miscommunication between you and your partner.

Do not over dress or under dress, just dress for the occasion. Your dressing sense should speak high for yourself. To attract the attention of a girl give her a few quick glances and make eye contact to let her know that you are interested in her. While you date or นัดเดท, remain as honest and as possible and do not pass cheesy lines as that can prove to a fatal plan. Be charming in your attitude and looks. You can add some humour into it as girls like men who has good sense of humour.

In any given situation a women will like to know whether you are going to stand up for yourself or will be just her pet, following her orders blindly. Women love to test men when you flirt and there lies the real skill of men. In that case, if you choose the later option then you have dug your own grave and have failed the test with horrible grades. The biggest challenge is to know when the real test is coming, in that case if you see a women suddenly acting silly and unreasonable then she is testing you. Deal with the situation with humour and patience to pass the test.


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